Kazari + Ziguzagu stocks the best range of eclectic Japanese antiques Melbourne has to offer. But we don’t just showcase Japanese items; we also source antiques and collectibles from China, Indonesia and various African countries so you can be sure that we have the perfect item for your space. We predominantly stock antiques from three main Japanese periods: the Edo Period (AD 1600-1868), Meiji Period (AD 1868-1912) and Showa period (AD 1926-1989). Occasionally we also stock antiques from the Nara Period (AD 710-794) and Momoyama Period (AD 1568-1600). Whether you spend every weekend trawling antique shops in Melbourne or are just wondering what vintage treasures Melbourne has to offer you on a one-off trip to the city, Kazari + Ziguzagu is a destination store and resource for designers, decorators and collectors sourcing unique high quality pieces for all tastes and many different applications. Come in and see some of these items for yourself at our shop - you can feel the history!

Kazari + Ziguzagu have specialised in importing Japanese antiques to Australia since 1979 and have an astounding range of options. We stand out amongst antique stores in Melbourne because of our ethos of quality craftsmanship, design and respect for the life of an object. If sustainability is important to you, consider furnishing your home with quality pieces from our antique selection.

When it comes to our antiques, you can choose from bronze, collectables, ikebana, lacquer, pottery and tea ceremony items. They range from antiques over a millennia old, Buddhist religious artifacts and folk art to vintage furniture and items produced in the 20th century. If you are keen to learn some creative and practical Japanese skills like ikebana or furniture restoration there are also workshops available for you to join.

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