Kazari + Ziguzagu stock a carefully selected range of lacquer items - both contemporary and from earlier periods. There is something to suit every taste and budget, from streamlined contemporary pieces through to ornate gold and silver antique Japanese lacquerware.

Lacquer refers to the refined sap of the toxicodendron vernicifluum tree, which is dried through a complex curing process, the application of which results in an extremely durable, but toxic resin that can be polished to a mirror sheen. Japanese lacquerware history is rich with lacquer working techniques stretching back thousands of years. Originally from China and then being introduced throughout Asia and Japan. Today plastic has replaced use of lacquer and there are contemporary examples of this in many Japanese restaurants today. Long before this modern trend, lacquerware was being refined and polished into an art form by Japanese artisans. Examples of high quality antique lacquer will have very little to no tarnishing and all new lacquer is highly polished and very smooth.

Japanese lacquerware in particular is characterized by a myriad of decorative surface techniques that have evolved over the centuries, from the use of lacquer in contrasting colours through to the application of gold and silver leaf (maki-e), mother of pearl (raden) and eggshell, sometimes incorporated into elaborate raised designs. Kazari + Ziguzagu carry examples of Wakasa, Maki-e, Kamakura, Wajima and negoro lacquer. If you are after something more than DIY spray on lacquer from a hardware store, browse our range of lacquerware for that perfect vase or antique document box.