Kazari + Ziguzagu stock a rotating and extensive array of hand selected antique, vintage and contemporary Japanese ceramics including traditional tableware, tea ceremony items, decorative pieces, as well as studio made and signed artist pieces. Pottery refers to a low fired clay while ceramics is high fired porcelain and if you are after striking Edo or Meiji period ceramics or simply an authentic Japan bowl, our website has a wide variety to choose from.

Japanese pottery derives from six ancient kilns: Bizen ware, Echizen ware, Seto ware, Shigaraki ware, Tamba ware and Tokoname ware. Our Japanese pottery selection includes pieces from the Imari, Shigaraki, Shino, Oribe, Hagi, Bizen and Kiyomizu, Fukugawa and Raku regions. We stock traditional tableware items such as sake sets, tea sets and plate sets, as well as tea ceremony objects such as mizusashi, tea bowls, kogo and natsume.

Whether you’re looking for an antique Japanese tea set, vintage Japanese tea set or something from the modern era, Kazari + Ziguzagu have just the thing. We offer blue and white ceramics, Chinese pottery and antique dish sets in a range of prices. Ceramic curios from Japan, China and further afield include pottery animals and incense burners. A traditional sake bottle or on trend kintsugi bowl is the perfect decoration for a side table or entryway that needs a little character.

Our Chinese ceramic selection includes antique and contemporary ceramic tea cups, vases and decorative objects including blanc de chine Chinese porcelain figures, celadon vases and platters, brush pots, reproduction Qianlong vases and reproduction Tang style horses.