Vases + Vessels

Japanese vases and vessels are both exquisite and functional and can be used in your modern day home as either decoration or somewhere to house your ikebana (Japanese style flower arrangements). Whether you are on the hunt for a vintage studio vase, a contemporary copper vase or an antique ceramic vase, the stock at Kazari + Ziguzagu is constantly refreshed to provide a wide range of unique vases for sale to suit your space. The variety on offer is huge, ranging from woodfired pieces chosen for interesting individual shapes and patterns formed by chance in the kiln to fine replicas of Tang dynasty classical Chinese porcelain vases.

An extra large ceramic outdoor vase or an antique incense burner can liven up your garden. They could be used solely for aesthetics or you could pot a plant, herbs or even a small tree inside.

Vases can make unique gifts or a great antique addition to a modern house. Add some character to your home with a Japanese vase perfectly suited to your style. Browse our vases to find your match.


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