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Japanese tableware

Monday, November 30, 2015

At Kazari + Ziguzagu, in the lead up to the festive season, we have brought out a wide range of varied and eclectic ceramics and tableware appropriate for all occasions.

From cups, bowls, dishes and plates, our selection stretches from boldly coloured Oribe, Kiyomizu, Imari and Kutani pieces through to blue and white Arita and Raku ceramics in all shapes and sizes alongside many more previously hidden treasures.

In addition to our antique and vintage items we also have a selection of contemporary basalt mortar and pestles as well as stone bowls and lidded vessels perfect for holding salts, spices, or pickled dishes. Below are a few examples of our range of Japanese tableware.  


Set of Japanese Oribe Tea Cups                          Set of Japanese Sake Cups

   Set of Japanese pottery plates in the shape of a leaf                  Japanese Oribe fan shaped dish          



Japanese kiyomizu dish with handle                          Japanese Kutani pottery plate 


New Sculpture : Faustas Sadauskas

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Just arrived in our courtyard garden a spectacular sculpture simply titled ' # ' (hashtag) 2014 by Faustas Sadauskas

"As an artist respectful of the use of natural materials such as local timbers and stone, my practice has becomeweighted towards marble as I work using traditional methods and techniques. There is nothing ephemeral about stone or that which results in producing a permanency to outlive most other pundits. The marble I caeve has metamorphosed over hundreds of millions of years and contains fossil remnants and I reincarnate to find a new meaning beyond my existence. In departing from a previous aesthetic, I return to a more familiar abstract construct through a schematic theme of cross-hatching space in a formalist arrangement of free-floating and interveaving diagonals that seemingly defy the draw of gravity. As a segment taken from traditional patterns and other inherent folklore symbols, the form is heightened to a grander scale, and , as a graphic exercise, it no less originates from my own drawing technique. As a symbol, it is ubiquitously found in ancient Indo-European decorative motifs that span from the Western Occident to the Eastern Orient, emerging from an understanding of celestial and earthy natural cycles containing narratives reinterpreted into a matrix geometry."- Faustas Sadauskas

Installing '#' in our courtyard garden




One Fine Print at Kazari + Ziguzagu

Monday, November 09, 2015

Kazari +Ziguzagu are proud to announce we are a stockist for One Fine Print who work closely with talented photographers to produce individually selected bold and distinct photographic prints for the home. These stunning pieces have recently been featured on The Block in Shay and Deans penthouse apartment.

Still by Elizabeth Bull

  Look Longer By Elizabeth Bull     


Blue: Alchemy of a Colour - NGV International

Saturday, November 07, 2015

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) International has just launched a new exhibition which explores the colour blue, arguably the world's favourite colour. The collection incorporates textiles, ceramics and artworks charting the historical and ceremonial influences of the colour blue. Below are some images of selected works featured in the exhibition and online. The exhibition runs until March 16th 2016, don't miss out! And for a comprehensive review visit The Age. If this exhibition captures your eye and fires your imagination, at Kazari + Ziguzagu we stock a broad range of indigo textiles and ceramics, dating from the 18th century through to contemporary examples.


Original Japanese woodblock print by Utugawa Hiroshige c1830.


Chinese pouring bowl, C14th

Japanese 'Boro' (indigo) Kimono