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Gillie & Marc - Sculpture By the Sea

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gillie and Marc have been working alongside the Australian Rhino Project, who are ensuring the long term survival of rhinos in the wild by breeding an 'insurance population' in Australia.  Once conditions permit, the rhinos will be reintroduced back to their natural habitat in South Africa.

This beautiful interactive sculpture was designed to raise awareness about the vulnerability of the Rhinos while also highlighting their beauty and forms part of the 2016 Sculpture by the Sea exhibition along the foreshore near Bondi, Sydney.  The pics below are from the install just last week.

Kazari + Ziguzagu are proud stockists of a select range of Gillie and Mark Rabbitgirl and Dogman prints and sculptures.



Traditional Japanese Woodblock prints by Local Artist Terry McKenna

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Terry McKenna has been active as a visual artist since the early 90's, today specializing in 'Mokuhanga' traditional Japanese woodblock printing, a complex technique which he uses to create limited edition prints referencing local Australian landscapes and scenes.

Originally trained in oil painting before going on to study woodblock printing in Japan, McKenna has held numerous group and solo exhibitions in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. 

His recent works, the 2015 -2016 ongoing print series (there will be 8 in total) entitled 'Ballarat Hakkei' depicting scenes in and around the Victorian area of Ballarat in the style of the Japanese 'Ukiyo-e' master Ando Hiroshige. This series is available for purchase from Kazari + Ziguzagu.







2016 Kyoto International Woodblock Association Award Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan
2015 Awagami Mini Print, Awaji, Japan
2015 Woodblock Prints, East and West Gallery, Australia
2015 Robots in Search of Meaning, Warnambool Art Gallery, Australia
2014 Far Island, Etch Gallery, Victoria, Australia
2013 Kyoto International Art Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan
2012 53rd Japan Prin Association Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2011 Hanga Ryokou 3, Gallery Morning, Kyoto, Japan
2010 Inner Flame, Woodblock Prints, Studio 4 Gallery, Queensland Australia
2007 6 Degrees from a Monkey, Hastings Community Arts Centre
2007 Time Will Tell, Woodcuts, Wine Country Gallery, Hastings, New Zealand
2004 Paraphrase, Wine Country Gallery, Hastings, New Zealand

Terry also runs specialist traditional Japanese woodblock making workshops through the 'Mokuhanga School'