Kazari + Ziguzagu stock Australia's biggest collection of Vintage fabric and Japanese textiles including Japanese Silk, cotton, indigo cotton, meisen silk, yukata cotton, wool, shibori, plain fabric, hand woven silk obi and temple silks. Accessories, scarves, belts and clips. Kimono, haori, Juban, facrics to use and sew with, patchwork pieces for quilts and craft, special pieces to collect.

Vibrant and subtle colours plus quality of production represented by Japanese kimono textile design is unsurpassed worldwide and our stock is unsurpassed anywhere in Australia. Our range includes most major design trends and production techniques utilised by the Japanese textile industry over the last century, with stock typically ranging from the 1920s to the early 1990s. These unique and individual textiles form a valuable resource and reference for textile aficionados and anyone with a passion for design, whether accenting garments or creating entirely new items. Most of our stock is vintage Kimono fabric in the traditional width of 36 centimetres (14 inches) in silk, cotton, wool and some synthetics. Many rolls are made up of carefully un-stitched kimono and the pieces originally cut are rolled for sale. As with all pre-loved items, some can contain stains/marks or small imperfections and as this is the nature of vintage textiles, we strive to source the best quality fabric available. We hold a truly unique collection of extraordinary stock that you will not see elsewhere. So come on down to our fabric store in Melbourne to see our great range.

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