Textile Decor

At Kazari + Ziguzagu we stock vibrant and unique textile décor pieces for the home including ottomans, poufs, cushions, rugs, zabuton and noren. Our ottomans and poufs are upholstered with brightly coloured West African wax print cotton fabrics. Our cushions are handmade with West African wax print cotton, Japanese Indigo cotton, Indonesian Ikat cotton, African Mud cloth, Japanese Kimono textiles in cotton, silk and wool blends. Noren are traditional Japanese fabric dividers, hung between rooms on walls or in windows. Zabuton are traditional Japanese floor cushions (standard size 58cm x 62cm). We stock a range of second hand Zabuton from Japan in a variety of materials, colours and vintage patterns as well as temple meditation zabuton (approx. 68cm x 70cm).

Kazari + Ziguzagu also offer a unique in-house custom-made service, specializing in cushions, zabuton, noren and table runners made especially to your specifications using your choice of our fabrics.

At Kazari + Ziguzagu we carry an ever changing array of stock. With regular buying trips made several times a year, stock is constantly replenished and we guarantee there will always be something new and exiting to see. Over 10 years of buying has enabled us to collect a vast range of wonderful one of a kind items.